Route 03 - Heart Bus

Elbow Lake and Lake Ogemaw Area 

6:34—6:48 North side of Mills, Gillings, to Elbow Lake Road

6:48—6:56 North Elbow Lake Road

6:56--6:58  North side of Mills to Rifle River Trl.

6:58—7:00 E Rifle River Tr/North (north of Mills)

7:00—7:03 N Ogemaw Tr & Totum

7:03—7:08 W Rifle River Tr /High Banks/(north of Mills)

7:08—7:10 N Tall Oak / W Rifle River Trail

7:10—7:14 Midway / Mills Road

7:14—7:19 S Elbow Lake, Donald, George, Shirley, Thomas

7:19—7:23 South side of Mills