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    This Friday June 5th will be the last packet run for the year. We will be delivering report carts, certificates, etc. There will be a self transport pickup on Monday the 8th from 9 am to 10 am at the Elementary School for everyone.  Anything not picked up will be mailed. This will also be the last opportunity to pick up belongings from the buses. Any belongings not retrieved by Monday the 8th will be considered abandoned and donated to charity.

    Due to road conditions the Bear route will be running the morning stop order, and Rabbit Routes will be running out of it's normal sequence starting near Nester Creek, moving into the M55 and M65 crossroads area, over toward National City then Twining and finishing up on Mill Station. But all the routes are leaving the school at 1:20 pm.

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Schoolbus under Rainbow
Gordon Seyler
Transportation Supervisor

(989) 756-2503


Bus Route Changes:

Bus stops will be assigned based on the address on file. Changes to your home address must be made through your child’s school building with proof of residency. Changes to bus routes, due to home address changes, will be reviewed by the Transportation Supervisor, and students will be assigned to the appropriate bus. These changes may take up to 3 business days. Parents may be required to supply alternate transportation until their bus stop has been approved and assigned. Transportation changes cannot be approved by anyone besides the Transportation Supervisor.


Transportation Forms:

Every student is required to have a transportation form that must be completed by the parent or guardian. This may be the online form in the Skyward Parent Portal or a paper form. We need to have this information available for emergency situations as well as information for substitute drivers. The form allows for one primary stop (home) and one alternate stop. These stops may be changed by completing the transportation form and allowing for the time needed for approval (up to 3 business days). This form is located in the Skyward Family access portal or from your bus driver. 


Alternate Address:

If a student is to go their alternate address a note must be sent with the student the day of the change.  Our policy is not to accept changes by phone for transportation.  The request will be honored if there is room on the alternate bus for the student.  There are some buses that cannot accept passes due to the fact that they are at capacity.


Route Information:

We look forward to meeting your family's transportation requests. In an ongoing commitment to student safety, bus routes and stops will not be published online. If you have requested transportation for your child and have an email address on file, you will receive an invite to our new bussing app which will provide all the information for your stop/route. If not, you may look in the Skyward Family Access Portal for the bussing tab, or call the transportation department for detailed information regarding bus stop times and locations. Thank you for your patience and understanding as our students' safety is our number one priority.